Yu-Gi-Oh! Sheet Music
YGO_Genki_no_Shawaa.pdf YGO_Genki_no_Shawaa.pdf
Size : 64.214 Kb
Type : pdf
YGO_Kanashimi_no_Kako.pdf YGO_Kanashimi_no_Kako.pdf
Size : 55.374 Kb
Type : pdf
YGO_Kawaita_Sakebi.pdf YGO_Kawaita_Sakebi.pdf
Size : 83.039 Kb
Type : pdf
YGO_Namida_no _Melodii.pdf YGO_Namida_no _Melodii.pdf
Size : 75.685 Kb
Type : pdf
YGO_Akunadin_Theme.pdf YGO_Akunadin_Theme.pdf
Size : 68.935 Kb
Type : pdf
YGO_Shadow_Games.pdf YGO_Shadow_Games.pdf
Size : 62.549 Kb
Type : pdf
Yu-Gi-Oh! is a shounen series revolving around a boy named Yugi Mutou whose body houses both his soul as well as the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. As the story goes on, the two of them end up going on a journey seeking for the ancient spirit's lost name and memories.

I find that the music that Shinkichi Mitsumune composed for the series is amazingly beautiful - it is therefore such a shame that only one sheet music book was ever published for the series. I hope to expand the collection of sheet music for this series by transcribing some of Mitsumune's work and sharing it with everybody.


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