Cheddar's Sheet Music is a website designed to share my personal transcriptions for various songs whose sheet music do not exist or are hard to find. It was conceived in the summer of 2006 and published in October of 2008. My name is cheddargirl, but you may simply call me "cheddar". But, for goodness sake, please don't call me "cheese" or "cheesegirl"!   
I became a transcriber in summer of 2006 after searching for sheet music to some songs form the soundtrack of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series. I discovered that there was only one official sheet music book, and this book wasn't collective of the entire series (it only partially covered the soundtrack for one arc), and being upset by this fact, I was driven to try my hand at transcribing. "Namida no Melodii" was the first song I've ever transcribed, and being pretty pleased at the result, I went on further. I sought to eventually create a website dedicated to transcribing the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! soundtrack only, but, my interest spread to other anime series and bands as well.
In summer of 2006, Cheddar's Music and Art Website, under the URL of, was created. Cheddar's Music and Art Website was actually more or less of an artistic dump which was half-vaseshipping fan site and half-sheet music download site. The website, unfortunately, didn't cater well to viewers needs, and it was later discovered that the FreeServers pop-up ads were adware, causing me to finally shut down the website in August of 2008. Looking for a service that will allow me to host a site for free without compromising the needs of viewers, I found my way to SynthaSite (now Yola), and was extremely pleased with its service. Thus, Cheddar's Sheet Music, and it's sister site, merej et, finally opened in October of 2008.

Cheddar's Sheet Music is now dedicated to sharing not only sheet music, but my musical creations and compositions through mediums such as film and interactive programming. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear on this website.
>> Visit Cheddar's Sheet Music's sister site, merej et.

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