Hi guys,

I wanted to address something that's a bit important.

Lemme start off with the bad news: I'm going to do removing all the transcriptions and arrangements I have done.

This is largely for legal reasons. While uploading transcriptions and arrangements was super popular over a decade ago, it was during a time when the application of music copyright and trademark law in cyberspace was still in its infancy. This is no longer the case, and it is possible for music owners to request a fee be paid, as transcriptions and arrangements are not classified under Fair Use, and defined as "adaptive" work and not "transformative". I know I'm a small fry, but I'm still somewhat prone to legal issues, nonetheless.

Now for the good news: The sheet music is being moved to MuseScore.

Because of the updates to MuseScore's subscription system and their download policy, I can safely move the sheet music to there. Only subbed users can download the sheet music (and some of the money for the subscription would then be put towards any legal fees), but users who want to view the sheet music online or via the MuseScore app can still do so. This is a nice middle ground for people who can't download music but still want to view it. 

Unfortunately, I don't have the original Finale files I used, so having to redo every single note is gonna be a slow an arduous process. But I will redo them. I ask you be patient during this transition.

Find me on MuseScore under my new pen name: Virucide (https://musescore.com/user/10059991)